Sick Bass EP

Sick Bass EP


The Third Movement

Like the two-faced villain you would suspect behind a mask, Deathmachine unveils the Sick Bass EP! A double relapse into the lunacy that is industrial hardcore.

Ready to be played aloud, 'Sick Bass' does as titled. Dropping a crazy blend of breaks and hardcore beats, Deathmachine ups the stakes. Packing energy and a kick-drum as thick as the skull asking for a beating, this track will rock your world. Cut and sliced with snare hits and all kinds of percussion, the dirty bassline gives the final blow. Sick! Celebrating the small hours, 'Lost Light' picks up the pace and travels deep down. Down into the wonderful sound that is the underground! Let's dance 'til dawn while the last bit of hope escapes. Because let's face it, you're trapped down here with the rest of us. A tune for despair!

Delivering a strong pair of hardcore tracks, Deathmachine's Sick Bass EP is the horde to be taken. A distorted mob driven by stacks of percussion. Don't fear the illness, this disturbance needs no medicine!


01. Sick Bass
02. Lost Light
T3RDM0249 format: Digital
Release date: November 2, 2015