Bassdrop EP

Bassdrop EP


The Third Movement

Where's the drop? Where's the goddamn drop!! Well, shut up and tilt your freaking braincage. Here's the drop, this is the Bassdrop EP by Penta!

Penta doesn't mess around when he's in control of the kicks. Hitting harder than an ADD kid on a caffeine binge, 'Bassdrop' and 'Are we worth saving' deliver the dark. The raw and cutting edge hardcore sound you so desperately crave. Crunchy and in your face combined with subtle and eerie. A mixture of sound stacked on the rolling kick-drum manifesto that is hardcore.

Penta doesn't beat around the bush with this 2-track release. The Bassdrop EP is the tool of warfare any hardcore member needs. A hint of darkness and a splurge of bass. So what do you want? Bassdrop!


01. Bassdrop
02. Are We Worth Saving
T3RDM0273 format: digital
Release date: February 13, 2017