Dark Screens

Dark Screens

The Empire

The Third Movement

Gather round the fire freaks, The Empire is here to tell you a story: Dark Screens. A gaze into oblivion translated into rhythm and chaos. Let’s call this a ghost story, if you will. Centered around a Bright Tunnel and a mysterious hauntress called The Witch Queen. Do you dare? Splitting the dancefloor right in two, these powerful hardcore tunes by The Empire will strike fear in the bravest of souls. Join the crowd in darkness and celebrate the threat driven by hardcore kicks. Wait for the melody to lift the atmosphere in the room and deliver yourself from evil. Return to dust! There’s nothing to fear than fear itself. So brighten those Dark Screens and immerse yourself in a doomed world where senses are pushed to the limit.


01) Dark Screens (Original Mix)
02) The Witch Queen (Original Mix)
Release date: July 15, 2022