Man The Barricades

Man The Barricades


The Third Movement

Take the mighty three and multiply it by one hundred. Boom, there’s your sound. The shattering impact of 300 kick drums and melody: Man The Barricades by The Third Movement crew!

Some say bad luck comes in threes, others rejoice by the sound of a third half. It’s a matter of perspective. And the perspective is up, against the grain. A rebel attitude driven by dedication. Passion. That infinite urge to create the impossible. And nothing is impossible, as the Movement gathers and combines forces. Promo, Dither, Wavolizer, Igneon System, DJIPE, Penta, Rude Awakening, D-Passion, Mindustries, The DJ Producer, Unknown, Catscan and The Empire deliver their part in the showdown that is the ultimate hardcore stand off.

When everything seems bleak, when all actions seem futile there’s always willpower. The focus strong enough to withstand the most relentless of attacks. It’s about to get real. It’s time to Man The Barricades!


01. Promo - Whatever It Takes
02. Mindustries - Message In A Bottle
03. Unknown - Change The Bad (Back To Good)
04. Dither - Look Alive
05. Brian Acardy - Let The Bass Boom (Wavolizer Remix)
06. The Dj Producer - Cautionary Warning (Future Premonition)
07. N-Vitral - Kombat Aktion (Promo Remix)
08. D-Passion - The 4th Dimension
09. Penta - Hiphop Drop (Gangsta VIP)
10. Promo & Catscan - Kik Of Kak
11. DJIPE - The Well
12. The Empire - Dust
13. Rude Awakening - Triumph of Trumpets
14. Igneon System - Beatdown
15. Promo & D-Passion - You Like Garbage
T3RDM0300 Digital
Release date: October 1, 2018