On The Block

On The Block


The Third Movement

High-tech nostalgia coming at ya with Hard-Tex: On The Block! Dropping some savory synths that cross over into scorching hardcore kicks. How’s that for the weekend?

You hear the base from this track when Hard-Tex is On The Block. Damn! This guy doesn’t hold back in his productions and it shows. From start to finish it’s all channels open, fast forward into exhilaration. A power that continues throughout the drop when 80s sounds form a glimpse of days of future past. We’ve got No Place 2 Be and are dying for a good time. This is the spot, this is it. Let’s go!

Hard-Tex drops the On The Block EP. This is the place for your face. Right here, straight in front of the wall of speakers. Behold!


01) On The Block
02) No Place 2 Be
Release date: February 4, 2022