Primus EP

Primus EP

The Wishmaster

The Third Movement

The Wishmaster, take it to the next level! Primus, a first wish turning into reality. With symbols aligned and drums in order, hardcore takes control. The rest is nothing!

With 3 wishes granted, responsibility comes into play. Guided by foresight, unity is the wish to get things started. Everybody hardcore! Distortion and loud kicks, pure adrenaline ready to be injected. Smash! Dance till you die, and then some. A freak-show evoked by the dark. Fulvio is known for his highly danceable tunes, and this EP is the double-check. Surrender now, and you might turn up in one piece when daylights hits. Dance-floor mayhem. Surrender! Straight kicks, big melody and catchy vocals all tightly mixed into one big sounding stereo signal. The Wishmaster does it again.

Primus by The Wishmaster, 2 intense tunes for the decibel lovers out there. Alert and awakened, two wishes remain. So be careful what you wish for, things might turn out the other way...


1. Everybody Hardcore
2. Surrender
T3RDM0221 format: digital
Release date: April 22, 2014