Rhythm's a drug

Rhythm's a drug

The DJ Producer

The Third Movement

The original UK bad-boy returns! The DJ Producer delivers a raw adrenaline rush for the movement, the Rhythm's a drug EP! Percussion heavy and true to the core, this is the kind of trip you can't refuse.

So what's your recipe tonight? Have a dose of 'Rhythm's a drug', a sniff of 'Feel you now', inject 'Take over the world' straight into your vein and/or chill-out with 'Downside up'. There's paranoia to explore, no time to waste. Inhale, exhale. Release! The DJ Producer delivers his classic mixture of breaks and beats with verve. Energy is the key and these rhythm's hold nothing less. Your slow-motion antidote: Rhythm's a drug!

When it comes to the ongoing definition of UK hardcore, the Rhythm's a drug EP is all the demonstration you need. Recognise! The DJ Producer is your dealer for this night, and we're all in it for the win!


01. Rhythm's a drug
02. Feel you now
03. Take over the world
04. Downside up
T3RDM0271 format: digital
Release date: January 16, 2017