Tertius EP

Tertius EP

The Wishmaster

The Third Movement

Packed with energy, The Wishmaster brings hardcore kicks with real party attitude. Hands up, bass face: on! This is the Tertius EP, a nonstop hardcore smash and straightforward teeth grinder!

A final wish of three to make, a wish granted for dancefloors to take. After hope and confrontation comes the natural high of closure. A sweet impending bassline sets the tone for the adventure ahead, 'Let the game begin'! With the conclusion of a trilogy before us, The Wishmaster is on a collision course to damage the speakers. Going absolutely cinematic in the breakdown, anarchy is unleashed at the kick of a drum. Move, bitch! 'Rock the system' is the production to kill this streak of hardcore tracks. A solid Wishmaster beat, vivid vocals and some tight 100% Italia studio tricks to keep your eardrums provoked. Are you mad? Smash! A release full of melody and distorted kicks to hit the mainstage, is there really anything else you'd desire?

The final episode of a future classic, The Wishmaster delivers a story full of twists and turns. The dancing ones, as these tracks are sure to make the masses move. Go crazy, and rock your socks off. On the count of three, I want everybody in the place to raise your hands. Primum, secundo... Tertius!


1. Let the Game Begin
2. Rock the System
T3RDM0246 format: digital
Release date: August 31, 2015