The Big Bang

The Big Bang


The Third Movement

A theory solid as a rock. Dither drops The big bang! Proof that hardcore is indeed devised from the purest form of energy: the mother of all explosions.

Let’s begin with a huge blast. A deafening boom. A big bang! Dither’s display of power merges kick drums and rhythm into true hardcore goodness. A rage driven by energy in its purest form: distorted audio. And just when you though the drive couldn’t get any stronger, there’s ‘Haka’. This ceremony is about to go down! As Dither drops boundless kicks into the face of evil, vigorous movements are conceived.

From a single bit to the wave of bytes that’s tuned into today, this dance is a keeper. Dither does as he pleases, and the joy is all yours. Get cracking, The Big Bang is imminent!


01. The Big Bang
02. Haka
T3RDM0282 Digital
Release date: June 19, 2017