The Pro E.P. II

The Pro E.P. II

Promo & The DJ Producer

The Third Movement

The infamous pro team is back for the sequel, it's the Pro EP 2! Promo and The DJ Producer pronounce their refusal to recognize and deliver you 4 pieces of crossed over hardcore beats. Dutch dynamics and British breaks deliver the next step in crowd movements. We're talking co-op 'Refuse to recognize', an insane Producer remix of 'Centrifuge', Promo's UK experiment 'Can't fake the breaks' and a special Producer beastly machinery retrofit of dusty old 'Whiplash', originally by Beastmachines. Original funk with added chaos for premium taste!


A1. Promo & The DJ Producer - Refuse to recognize
A2. The DJ Producer - Centrifuge (Remix)
B1. Promo - Can't fake the breaks
B2. Beastmachine - Whiplash (Producers beastly machinery retrofit)
T3RDM0157 format: 12 inch
Release date: May 28, 2009