The Third Movement 20 Years

The Third Movement 20 Years

Various Artists

The Third Movement 20 Years

Various Artists

The Third Movement

Twenty years! Time to celebrate. So let’s go back… back to the sound of the movement. The Third Movement! Check out this special project celebrating two decades of uncut hardcore sounds. Original, fresh, dark and packed with melody: TTM 20 Years has got it!

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this rollercoaster of a trip. From rough times to shiny spotlight, there’s a tune in here for everyone. Memory lane never sounded so intense! No name dropping, just trust us: this tracklist packs legends both old and new. A foundation to recognize, a future to foresee. And to top it off: a special mix by Jason S! The energy, the inspiration. It all comes down to the effort of the artists featured. With over 20 years of blood, sweat and tears mixed into over 4 hours of music, there’s a lot to take in.

Indeed, the original hardcore movement since 2000. So bottoms up. Here’s to 20 years! And 20 more.


CD 1:
Catscan - Enemy On the Run
Armageddon Project - Floatiní in Acheron
Peaky Pounder - Hermesto
Rude Awakening - Revolting Against
Void Settler - Gnomes Tinker With Time (Hellfish Remix)
Xaphan - Grass Eating Milk Machine
Micron - Superhuman
Daisy & Promo - Obstinate
Dep Affect - First Time I Died
The Dj Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks
N-Vitral - Telladge
E-Man - E-Machine
Mindustries - The Arrival
Deathmachine - Monster freak
Igneon System - Crisis Situation


Promo - I Come Correct
Korsakoff - My Empty Bottle
Catscan - Drive By
Lenny Dee & Promo - I Called You
D-Passion - Fuck The Free World
3 Steps Ahead - Drop it (Tommyknocker & Stunned Guys Remix)
T-Junction, Osiris & Mc Syco - Whatís Up With Life
The Empire - The Prophet
Promo & Catscan - Toch Welleuk
Omi - Ana
Promo - The Tablet
Hectic Fence - Blackmailing (D-Passion Remix)
Wishmaster - Pandemonium
D-Passion - Unstoppable
Unexist - Line Got Crossed


Promo - Phreak Ya Speaka (N-Vitral Rephreak)
Dither - The Prophecy
N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum
Sei2ure - Massive On the Bass
Penta - Bass Drop
Wavolizer - The Wafelijzer
N-Vitral - BassFace
DJIPE - Emotionless On Request
Dither & Deadly Gunz - Playing With Fire
Ophidian & Penta - This World
N-Vitral - Kombat Action
Hard-Tex - Repetitive
eDUB & The Straikerz - Get Loose
N- Vitral presents Bombsquad - Don't Fuck With The Squad
Unexist - Attack (Dither Remix)


V.A. Mixed by Jason S
T3RDM0339 CD + Digital
Release date: December 18, 2020