Theta Break

Theta Break


The Third Movement

Life:::Runs:::Red assorts the aggressive side of industrial with the 'Theta break' EP. Moving over from Industrial to The Third Movement platform, the fresh Life:::Runs:::Red drive has evolved with 2010 skill. Half Armageddon Project, Matteo Delgrano sharpens the edge of the Italian hardcore sound by means of broken beats, dark atmosphere and distortion. Added anarchy comes in the form of a The DJ Producer Runs Riot remix!


01. Life:::Runs:::Red - Theta break
02. Life:::Runs:::Red - Theta break (Producer Runs Riot remix)
03. Life:::Runs:::Red - The Resheph syndrome
04. Life:::Runs:::Red - Only our enemies leave roses
T3RDM0162 format: Digital
Release date: April 12, 2010