They Control

They Control


The Third Movement

Redefine authority with Markor's They Control. A hardcore EP as rebellious as a fist in the air. Packing two rock solid tunes as weapons of revolt, let's take control of the future!

Shake things up. Get this crowd roaring. This EP is about control. Claiming it, abusing it. Control can be a very powerful weapon and Markor rules this force with ease. Hear They Control and make a stand. Now testify! Taking up the man alone might not be the wisest of decisions. Good to know Markor teamup up with Rvolt for They Afraid. Twice the rage, double the impact! Feel those razor edged kicks hit the speaker. This revolution is real. Straighten your back and fight for what's right. Who's in control now?

Sharp kicks, intense melody and all things hardcore make up They Control by Markor, a smash of a release. This uproar is real!


1) They Control (Original Mix)
2) They Afraid (Original Mix)
Release date: October 14, 2022