Tools Of Demolition

Tools Of Demolition


The Third Movement

Get your gear together, it’s wrecking time. These are the Tools Of Demolition by Dither! Everyone’s invited, so let’s join the demo crew on this kick driven hardcore rampage.

Dither has created quite the momentum for himself and Tools Of Demolition is the proof of concept. A vision as loud as can be, while delivering a mix clear as the night sky. Your favorite demolition man knows his hardcore apparatus, and boy does he use that knowledge. Somehow Dither is able to compress extra bits of energy into every nook available. Built on mokerharde kicks, Tools Of Demolition is a full length album that just breathes power.

Lead by the always insatiable Dither, an impressive crew has been gathered. Featuring Luminite, Mike Cervello, Cesqeaux, N-Vitral, Warface, D-Fence, Promo, Deadly Guns and MC Focus this album is going to be blast. Detonators are set, it’s time to ignite.

Ready to disturb and destroy, Tools Of Demolition is your hardcore trip into turmoil. So pack up your gear and get busy! It’s time for demolition. Go!


01. Intro (The Demolition Man)
02. Terminate
03. God Is Dead (Ft. Luminite)
04. Mokerharde Kicks
05. The Get Down
06. Blow The Speakers
07. Tools Of Demolition (Ft. MC Focus)
08. Detonate (Ft. Cesqeaux)
09. Real Droppa (Ft. N-Vitral)
10. Get It Twisted (Ft. Warface)
11. Make It Work
12. Analoog (Ft. D-Fence)
13. Strictly Hardcore (Ft. Promo)
14. Playing With Fire (Ft. Deadly Guns)
15. Blast Off
16. Hardcore Heartbreak (Ft. Lil Texas)
17. Soul Eater
18. Outro (Mission Complete)
T3RDM0316 CD + Digital
Release date: June 24, 2019