We Want Action

We Want Action

Broken Minds

The Third Movement

Take a true example of Spanish hardcore dedication and multiply it by two. Behold, Broken Minds with the We want action EP! A powerful combination of hardcore kicks and dark melodies. So turn up the speakers, and state your demands!

Broken Minds is Rodrigo Bustamante y Omar Ruz (OMI). A duo not to take kindly, as these guys know how to create a fat melody, strong kicks and some
out-of-this-world hooks to keep you going. So make the sound bigger and bolder, `We want action'! Delivering their getting things done attitude, Broken Minds is a powerhouse ready to be unleashed. Starting uplifting, each track gathers a shot of darkness until the last ray of light is lost. Eerie at first, `The terror begins' (feat. Myosuke) drops some tight edits and aggressive percussion. A perfect blend of darkness and hardcore. In the end, all that is left is the `Apocalyptic' vibe. Kicks distorted and an innocent melody clear as daylight. Haunting voices sing you through the breakdown, as Broken Minds levels the remainders of the dancefloor. Tear this mother down! With nothing to lose, the apocalypse brings a hardcore feast for all. So who's holding you back?

Lullabies for the sick and twisted, the We want action EP by Broken Minds delivers. Haunted times are ahead, and Broken Minds drops the soundtrack to many sleepless nights. Say hello to deserted halls and dark alleys, this is a pure hardcore trip for you to enjoy. Here we go, come on!


1. Apocalyptic
2. We Want Action
3. The Terror Begins (feat. Myosuke)
T3RDM0242 format: digital
Release date: June 8, 2015