Freak Street


This is the moment to pussy up, Detest with the Freak Street EP is at it! New to the movement, well known in the scene: Detest will make sure you’ll remember these two slices of big bad hardcore beats.

If you like your kicks dripping with bass, Detest is the chef to leave your order with. His absolute energy combined with dancefloor focus cooks up tracks ready to be eaten on the spot. Pussy and 83 deliver the fine dining experience. So grab your knife and fork and feast your ears on this!

Make any stage crumble with the powerhouse combo that is the Freak Street EP. Detest drops kicks like a free-for-all. Full force, no remorse. Toughen up and get on board, these beats are dopamine for today’s hardcore listener.


01. Pussy
02. Freak Street

T3RDM0328 | February 17, 2020 | Digital