The producer that actual producers hate

DJIPE’s new album ‘Prism’ will be released soon on our Heresy Imprint. Those who attended Heresy Resurgence got treated to an album showcase like no other! Full of diversity, high energy, versatile beats and transitions. Now it’s time the rest of the world gets to meet this deranged madman and his latest ammo. So we sat down for an interview!

Tell a little bit about yourself

Likes: pressing on a ‘broodje kroket’ just a little for that extra texture, big dogs, oldschool light switches that have that nice click and you can’t stop switching them, winter, a fresh new black t-shirt.
Dislikes: swentibold, small dogs, most things before 11:00, people that move slow

Where does your artist name come from?

I have literally no idea! I remember in primary school, I started making some jumpstyle mixes and somehow I came up with the worst, non-catchy artist name but after some releases it’s such a pain in the ass to rename yourself. And then of course the “dj IPE” meme started and now I kinda like it!

You’ve had quite a number of releases on Heresy/TTM. How did you end up here?

I already sent some demos to TTM when I just started making hardcore beats, but they sucked . Then I took some time off and got a banging release on Peace Off Records. Out of nowhere, some weeks after, I got a random message from Promo asking if I wanted to join TTM. As in literally just that message I got exclusively signed by TTM!

You’re a very versatile producer, incorporating drum & bass, breakcore and industrial in your tracks. Where does this mix come from?

Because there is nothing more boring than predictable template music. I have an attention span of meth, so in hard electronic music: the more chaos, the more I like it.

Most tracks on your new album were created in Australia. Did this affect the final product?

Well first, if I would not have gone to Australia, I would never had the discipline to make an album in the first place. Also, corona helped a lot since we were stuck at home for 80% of the trip!

Your track titles & samples seem to represent a grim world image. Does this reflect you as a person?

I just really like the edgy, random vocal samples I find from unknown indie games, or whilst being in the surreal parts of Youtube. They work so well live. It sets a certain vibe that I would appreciate myself, while being in a dark room filled with with extreme music. I also think those samples and long build-ups and transitions are instantly recognizable: “That has to be a DJIPE track!” That’s something you really need/want in such an over saturated genre that just comes down to a kickdrum and hiphop samples 99% of the time. Does this reflect me as a person? Let’s just say I definitely have my up’s and downs(yndromes).

Do these themes have a place on the new album?

The album is fully packed with all of the DJIPE samples and stuff you would expect!

How did you approach making this album? Does it, for example, have a main theme, or is it a random collection of tracks?

It’s 100% random. I don’t have the skill (yet) to make a concept album. That is something on the bucket list though, but that is not going to be within hardcore music, which is nearly impossible and a waste of a cool concept story/idea, in my opinion.

Tell us a little something about how you produce?

This has been a meme for a while now, but I use FL Studio 10 and samples. I’m the ‘producer’ that actual producers hate, haha! No knowledge of synths or the software itself. I have fun working this way, but you can hear it in my tracks too. It’s all badly mixed, random chaos with nothing in key etc. But I love it! Perfectly mixed hardcore just sounds a bit boring in my ears, I like the rough edges and not perfectly quantised productions (oof fancy words). I’m actually super-fast making a track when I’m having fun but I just rarely produce at all. I have a hard time starting something new or just don’t want to after work. Usually it works best if I get a deadline.

What’s a signature element of a DJIPE track? And what would that track be on the album?

Energy, drive and switches. I think ‘Mantra’ is the most oldskool DJIPE’y track on here.

What’s the track you’re most proud of, on the new record?

Literally proud, I would say the intro track I finished in Australia. I have a hard time pushing myself doing something productive, so when I finally finished the album intro that was a happy day! It got me motivated a lot! Most banging vibe on a track, I got to say the Ophidian collab. Out of our mutual love of the game ‘Undertale’, we made something epic in my opinion!

What music do you listen to, besides core?

Core is maybe 5% these days. And then it’s usually the Void Settler kind of tunes. Most of the time these days, it’s all extreme metal and its subgenres, and ambient/soundscapes.

If were counting correctly, the album will be your 9th release on TTM/Heresy. What’s in store for number 10, if anything?

I have been working on a machine, or a cannon one would say. You can put little people inside and the crowd can shoot them at a big wall with markers that represent genres, and then I have to switch to that genre LIVE. Gonna be fun!