The Third Movement

A movement is never recognized by its members... only by its victims. Founded in 2000, The Third Movement represents fresh and original music without any artists concession. Each artists' unique vision of music are combined together creating a diverse and quality record label. The Third Movement will encompass the future with strong determination to rise further, engraving an even deeper groove into the path of innovative music.

Promo Test

Open up the lab and get started. This is Promo Test! A sub-label dedicated to hardcore and its future. So experiment and evaluate. Let's get back to being creative.

Industrial Movement

Promo & Lenny Dee together enhanced their visions of hard electronic music and created the label 'Industrial Movement'. Launched in October 2004, each release on this label represents originality, no boundaries, a rough feeling and dark expression. Industrial Movement intends to raise the standard of musical excellence.

Stealth Industries

Being lead by Tommy Pulse is the sub-label 'Stealth Industries'. In the first years of its existence, STIND gained a respective position within the hard dance scene. Alongside its energetic and rhythmic compositions, each release boosts deceptive and uplifting melodies. Providing anthems for events as well as staying true to its hard dance roots, each Stealth Industries release brings a fresh vibe to the dance floor.

Men In Motion

The Third Movements close grasp and passion for techno music, resulted in the sublabel Men In Motion (MIM), launched in November 2003. Focusing on the rhythmic aspects of electronic music, Men In Motion delivers high powered quality hard techno. Produced by both reputable and new Artists, each MIM release offers a new chapter for the always dynamic techno scene.


Dana is a dominator of the hard dance scene in The Netherlands for as long as we can all remember. Her musical past was empowered with hardcore, techno, and hardstyle. Interpretation of these styles is her and Danamite records fuel for the future. Danamite represents a crossover of different genres in the area of hard dance music, all with a rough feminine touch.

Catscan Ltd

In 2001 Catscan (Bart Kok) started up his sub-label 'Catscan LTD'. Under the flag of Third Movement Catscan LTD released a series of vinyl and Catscans' first album. At the time of its introduction this series made a large and positive impact on the terrain of Hardcore. Covering both new interpretations of melody yet still keeping the crowds moving, the early Catscan LTD releases still provoke vinyl collectors.


This is Exploud. A sublabel focussing on hardstyle and rawstyle releases, brought to you by new fresh talents in the scene.