Given in Vigil

It’s November 2018, a rather insignificant date to a lot of people. For me however, it was the start of a hellish ride through newly gained health problems. In a rather spontaneous turn of events, my body had decided to reject a healthy night’s sleep. What I thought would be days, turned into weeks. What I thought would turn into weeks, turned into months….

The first year of Chronic Insomnia had pushed me into a state of almost catatonic behaviour. I was riding a train that was most likely heading straight towards insanity. Luckily, I managed to depart early, before it reached its final destination.

Whereas Corrode was written with a heavy nod towards ‘degrading processes’, punctuating such elements as rust, decay and the decline of health as caused by my Insomnia, Given in Vigil has its theme expanding on this element by focussing on the resistant part of this narrative – The glimmer of hope that one holds on to, when dealing with great struggles. Of course these elements are transcribed onto my characters and their ongoing storyline.

Labyrinth, Sandling and Void Settler have grown equally tired and worn out by the constant attrition of their journey. With Sandling, the grotesque, occasionally going into fits of unintelligible rabble as caused by her lack of hibernation, and Void Settler having grown somewhat dark and pained, absorbing all the negativity surrounding him –  It has become Labyrinth’s task to try and keep guiding them forward. Ever as vigilant and steering for the light, yet having grown noticeably weary too.

This story describes the events of Void Settler as a martyr, carrying a cursed wheel of needles away from its point of origin. Every day, the needle wheel will spin a few degrees against the host, taking its toll in blood and soul. “Truly burdened is he that carries the wheel, for the further away they kneel, the greater they’ll need to pay. The creeping curse, or so they say.”

This story describes the events of Labyrinth as a guide, steering the group through paths most dark, when all feels lost. Having acquired gifts from the Fadesmith, Labyrinth ensures his companions facilitate their voyage through their usages, such as the Mutoscope – an archaic mechanical apparatus that when gazed into, will rapidly flash images of your own past before your eyes. It can drive an afflicted person insane, yet can invigorate the passionate.

This story describes the events of Sandling as a victim, slowly succumbing to the lack of hibernation she can take as a Grotesque. Her body is deteriorating, parts of her form turning back to stone, and her utterances turning into meaningless rabbles. Her strong will keeps pushing her forward however. She can’t give up now, others depend on her.

This story is about blood.