RVOLT: hardcore perfectionism

With ‘From the Underground’, a huge banger saw the light of day. Behind this juggernaut of a track is RVOLT. This young producer from Sardinia (Italy) has some choice E.P.s under his belt on Heresy, in addition to this new release on Third Movement. Perfect time to get to know Alekos. About artistic freedom, attention to detail and incorporating new elements in hardcore.


1. Tell us something about yourself

Hey! I’m Alekos (that guy behind RVOLT), I’m 24 and I’m from Sardinia, a little island in South Italy. I started my journey in music about 6 years ago. After a couple of years experimenting with many styles (among which dubstep and electro), I started as RVOLT in 2021. This project aims to bring my vision of hard music in general to the people.

2. What made you finally decide to go for harder styles? 

After some years in music production, I was way more interested in harder styles. I felt this fits my personality much better. So I started with some basic concepts and after an immense ‘trial and error’ process and a fair bit of studying, I built enough confidence.

3. How did you end up at TTM? 

Some time ago I sent my track ‘Out Of Control’ to the Oblivion Show (shout out to Joe ET and Dolphin!) for their ‘New Blood’ section. They played the track during the livestream and it received amazing feedback! Only 10 minutes later, I received a message from Davy (Igneon System). He said that he saw great potential in that particular track and asked if I was up to release it on Heresy. Obviously I said yes in under 3 seconds (hahaha!).

‘Out of Control’ is featured on his ‘Unrule E.P.’ on Heresy

4. What is your vision in ‘hard electronic music’?

Hard music in general is an interesting world. There is a lot of artistic freedom and a certain sense of uniqueness. Every time a great new release comes out, there’s this surprise factor, you don’t know what to expect because every track gives you something new.

5. How do you approach producing music?

There’s a full audio concept behind all my E.P.s. Ever since I joined TTM/Heresy, I decided I wanted to go for certain themes or stylistic choices, because it tells a story. For example, ‘Raze’ had some techno/acid vibes, while my new E.P. ‘From The Underground’ has a strong DnB/neuro  influence. The idea of these concepts was born when I was working on my first E.P. (‘Unrule’). At that time, I started to develop interest in hard techno & industrial. So that was the main idea behind ‘Out Of Control’. But I also wanted to bring some drum and bass vibes so I decided to incorporate these styles. This is how I created a signature sound. I love to experiment with music, and love to bring different vibes to our scene.

RVOLT’s new E.P. on The Third Movement

6. Did you treat this E.P. differently then the Heresy releases?

Not at all, every time I work on something new. I put all my dedication and effort into it, to create the best I can at that very moment. I always push my skills to the limit. I’m very proud of this new E.P., it has an insane amount of attention to details and a lot of experimentation!

7. So, attention to detail & experimentation… 

I love to focus on every single detail in my tracks, especially when we speak about sound design. I spend countless hours making kicks, snares, reeses etc.. Sometimes my perfectionism leads to some kind of ocd, which is tough because I get stuck with endless edits and that is quite a struggle. When I work on a track, I always want to get the best result that I can get. So I work on every single sound meticulously, until it is perfect to my ears. Usually this leads to LOTS of edits and an infinite amount of time working on little sections. Usually my ‘experimentation’ is based on sound design, like trying to make a sound in a different way, or with a different point of view. Sometimes it also leads to mixing between various things. For ‘Xterminate’ I tried to make a hybrid between hard techno and hardcore, imlementing acid along the way.


8. Describe a typical RVOLT track.

Usually my tracks have a really dark atmosphere and aggressive sounds, mixed with influences from other genres. As I said before, I’m working with particular concepts, so I try to make my music with that RVOLT sound plus signature elements from other styles. I love the ‘out of the box’ concept, in my opinion every track needs to be unique and different from the other stuff you already heard. And there’s an almost 99% chance that you’ll hear a Reese in my tracks, it’s one of my favorite sounds in electronic music in general! I’m also a huge drum and bass fan (Merikan, Redpill, Magnitude, Billain, Counterstrike, Sinister Souls, Phythius, Joe Ford, Burr Oak). When I started to make music as RVOLT, I was really drawn to the industrial/crossbreed scene. After some attempts and studying, I felt I needed to integrate both genres. I like the idea of mixing heavy distorted industrial with clean cutt drum and bass, the contrast between those two styles works pretty well.

9. How do you look at the current hardcore scene?

There is some interesting stuff going on, False Idol is something fresh and really different, the entire Prototype Records movement is doing really cool stuff! I really try to do my own thing, that’s why I don’t get hung up on ‘following the scene’. I noticed it was quite limiting for my inspirational output.

10. Since you like unexpected elements in your music, we’re curious who you would like to collaborate with.

I have an immense list of ‘dream collabs’ (haha!). To name a few: The Outside Agency, I:gor, Deathmachine, Ophidian, Sinister Souls, Somniac One, Counterstrike, Hallucinator, Djipe and many more.

Which tracks inspired you? 
Here’s some of them:
Sinister Souls, Gein & Bratkilla – Parasite Bandit
Igneon System & Sei2ure – New World Order 
The Outside Agency – Locker Room Talk 
Meander – Endless Blackness 
I:gor – Public Enemy

(And an honorable mention for Such Kick from N-Vitral!) 

Next to that, there are loads of tracks outside of hardcore, like:
Slipknot – Spit it Out 
Dope D.O.D. – Godzilla 
Noisia – Machine Gun (Amon Tobin remix)
Noisia – Stigma
Amon Tobin – Goto10 Many tracks from Code:Pandorum (aka INHUMAN)

11. How is the scene in your country?

Due to the fact that I live on a small island in the south of Italy, there isn’t a strong movement. Actually there isn’t a proper scene at all (unlike some parts of Italy). 

12. What’s your goal for the future? 

My main goal is to bring my music to the stage, like in festivals and stuff. Hopefully to all kinds of different places all over the world (Japan, America etc..). It would be awesome to get that chance! There’s some more obtainable goals too (hopefully), like I’d love to make a multi genre album with artists from different scenes.

13. TTM is one of the few labels that still focuses on original hardcore. How do you feel about this?

I absolutely love TTM and the concept behind it. There is a real artistic freedom, this is a huge thing for me. I aimed to join since I started to make hard music and I’m still really grateful they gave me this huge opportunity to be a part of this family!

Check all RVOLT’s tracks on TTM / Heresy: