The Third Movement

We’re about to make an emergency call, hardcore style! Iridium hits 911 and addresses the accident with all the loudness at hand.

We’re talking fierce kicking bass drums, guitar riffs and the screams of total chaos. When adrenaline hits the situation, you know you’re in for a hardcore treat. Rescue 911, can I take your emergency? How about some illegal substance abuse, the fun kind. 10-4, Iridium is about to get cracking.

From assault and back, Iridium delivers a set of intense hardcore tracks with 911 and Another Victim. Going down with a smile is what the report would say, and this grin is hardcore! Iridium, do your damage.


01. Another Victim
02. 911
T3RDM0351 Digital
Release date: August 13, 2021