The Empire

The Third Movement

All out of nowhere hardcore beats grab you by the neck. Pick you up like a drum. Twist you around and drop you back to earth. It's...Ambush! The new release by The Empire.

Picking up where he left after his debut EP, Ce?sar Pino Moreno comes back with a set of solid hardcore smashers.
Whether its 'Ambush' itself, with an anthem-like melody and straight forward kicks. The off-beat sound that is 'Destitute' with a clear focus on the more raw hardcore sound. Or picking up the pace with 'Musical Army'. There's more than enough contained among this Ambush for the hardcore fanatic. And a sudden attack you're going to get when these kicks hit the speaker.

With this triplet of tracks to the dot, Empire packed this release to the max. And maximum hardcore impact is what you're going to get!


1. The Empire - Ambush
2. The Empire - Destitute
3. The Empire - Musical Army
T3RDM0202 format: digital
Release date: February 12, 2013