The Third Movement

Bonck. Bunck. Binck. Boenck. That's the sound you get when you drop the needle on this dark piece of vinyl! N-Vitral ups the aggressive factor a notch with the 'Bonck' EP. Four tracks delivering the raw and kicking sound which he has been unleashing at the scene through his notorious live-act. The result: a battery of shattering kicks and high-tech distorted rhythms. With this release you can go in every direction. Call it hard techno, industrial or just plain loud! Crossing over from one style to another, N-Vitral displays a unique skill to combine the rough and tough and still open up enough space to let the percussion slip through. Solid energy!


A1. N-Vitral - Bonck
A2. N-Vitral - Bunck
B1. N-Vitral - Binck
B2. N-Vitral - Boenck
T3RDM0137 format: 12 inch
Release date: February 20, 2008