Crank Up

Crank Up


The Third Movement

Drop the needle and backspin hardcore into something pseudo
nostalgic. A not-so-retro vibe ready to kill the future. This is the
sound, Crank up by Wavolizer! Wavolizer goes head on with `Crank
up', a title track delivering the goods the second it starts playing.
Packing edgy percussion in a tight mix, there's no need for caffeine
as this tune is unleashed. A subtle breakdown of drums and bass
and maybe a little bullsh*t, you know: the real deal. And then you
end up face to face with `Rolling N'. The flip side of this evocative
disc. Play this tune out loud and discover hidden layers among the
distortion. When darkness takes control of daylight, the undesired
come out to play. This is their story. Clouded by lost brain cells, you
too can join the Wavolizer dance. Just `Crank up' the volume!


01. Crank Up
02. Rollin N
T3RDM0289 Digital
Release date: December 18, 2017