Broken Strain

Immerse into an introspective journey that broadens the scope of techno through a story of dark and unrestrained emotions. Cancel’s album Culture sheds a new light on the industrial side of techno. It’s inciting, different and diverse from start to finish and holds true to the idea of an album as a platform to transmit a thematical message.

Cancel Culture is born from a sense of righteous anger towards the tendency of ‘cancelling’, which continues to infest parts of our society. It takes a stand against not being heard and facing ignorance. This premise translates into an album that stirs a dystopian atmosphere where feelings of grudge, frustration and confusion can run freely across a sonic grid.

Culture is available on 2 x 12" gatefold vinyl, CD and on all digital platforms.


1) Arrival
2) Sunken World
3) Deformed
3) Negate
4) Pull Out
5) Invalid
6) Silent Treatment
7) W.T.F
8) Quiet
9) Panic
10) Ground Zero (Feat. Dahryl) Regretless
11) Closure
Release date: September 2, 2022