Digital Disaster

Digital Disaster


The Third Movement

A brand new feat bringing the latest in DJ heat, Penta’s Digital Disaster! Dropping kicks one after the other, this hardcore calamity is about to go down.

Oh the pain, the agony! This Digital Disaster is going to hurt. Bring on the distortion! Smash the drums. Penta takes digitalism to a whole new level. Upgrading each bar with the latest in distortion, this disaster is real. Combined with the confrontation that is Galvatron, this Penta EP takes intensity to a whole new level. Caution is advised, as these beats do damage on auto mode.

Things are going to get chaotic when each count is marked with a heavy kick drum. And each kick is heavier than the last. Digital Disaster by Penta is all that. What are you waiting for?


01. Digital Disaster
02. Galvatron
T3RDM0324 Digital
Release date: November 25, 2019