Disease EP

Disease EP

The Wishmaster

The Third Movement

Get infected with the Disease EP, a hardcore triplet by The Wishmaster! This guy is in it for the love of the music. Pure dedication, ready to unleash.

Don't settle for nothing, there's more than meets the ear. Deejay technology, 'Banging on your eardrum'! After the soundtrack-like breakdown settles, you're only granted a second of peace and quiet. Catch your breath before we dive deep into hardcore delirium. Hysteria taking over! Life, pain. Can't stop this 'disease'. Tricky sounds fighting the stereo spectrum. And after the cold, just before hunger settles back in here's a tasting of your own medicine. What is it? It is it! A fitting slogan for a track that gets stuck in your head like tinnitus. A condition, the perception of sound. Boosting infectious kicks, an unhealthy dose of pure Italian hardcore and the bitter sweet taste of loudness. Delizioso.

Every tune delivers that typical The Wishmaster vibe: in-your-face kicks and fresh hardcore funk. These tracks are made to make you dance, act berserk and go full-out crazy. The Wishmaster, doing it again!


1. Banging on your eardrum
2. Disease
3. It is it
T3RDM0204 format: digital
Release date: March 26, 2013