Everybody Jump

Everybody Jump


The Third Movement

Start the mayhem! Everybody Jump as Penta gets the floor shaking.

Can you feel those tremors? It’s the man-made earthquake courtesy of Penta! When the beat drops, Everybody Jump! This is bass drum mutilation without holding back. Hear the MC controlling the crowd. Feel the power of hardcore and embrace its energy. Or dive deep into the tale of the Icecrown Massacre. Where silence and loud noise go hand in hand. Discover the power of a few gritty notes in close proximity. Let’s celebrate darkness, rise up and get ready to jump!

Don’t you just love it when the title of a release just says it all? Everybody Jump! Penta has set his target on the dance-floor. He’s got the massacre set up and you’re invited!


01. Everybody Jump
02. Icecrown Massacre
T3RDM0315 Digital
Release date: June 10, 2019