Keyboard Warrior

Keyboard Warrior


The Third Movement

This release is all about confrontation. Mighty kick drum confrontation! A Dither hardcore showdown, this is the Keyboard Warrior EP.

As the most anonymous of knights, the Keyboard Warrior sets out to provoke. To feed on the revolt unleashed. But when left out in the open, a hater is quickly overthrown. So, who’s there to Hunt You Down? No other than Dither! Watch him slash away with original kicks and some Serious Damage in the remix. Attention! Put those middle fingers up and swear along.

When the dust settles, one question arises: does the Keyboard Warrior dare to continue? Or is its faith nothing more than a fade to black? Keyboard Warrior, the double sided Dither showdown worthy of your speakers.


01. Hunt You Down
02. Promo - Serious Damage (Dither Remix)
T3RDM0327 Digital
Release date: January 27, 2020