Problem Solver

Problem Solver


The Third Movement

Doomed by design and aching for more, here’s your solution: Problem Solver by Sei2ure, the hit hard EP containing power to the brim. Savor that sound!

Talking about crazy shit. Up tempo and straight on kick slamming with sick twists and turns. These tunes get the crowd going! Ae problem to be solved in two parts, ‘There's a Simple Solution’ and ‘You're Finished’ deliver the hardcore force. There for the taking, Sei2ure leads the way and tackles the issue at hand. Solved and mastered, the mystery of the quick fix is all that remains.

This is the Problem Solver and the solution is simple: burn the place down! A Sei2ure EP to fuel your fire, a hardcore sledgehammer. Fact!


01. You're Finished
02. There's a Simple Solution
T3RDM0278 Digital
Release date: April 24, 2017