The Ritual

The Ritual

Rude Awakening

r_AW Records

Like the cold-hearted destruction of temples once worshipped, there's nothing wrong with mixing things up for a change. Klang! Take the raw distortion you've come to appreciate and throw it into a mix of audio experiments. Pitch the result up a notch and the ceremony is set. The Ritual EP, by Rude Awakening!
With two tracks back against each other, there's a simple choice to make: do you take the high road, or venture down a path of insanity. With 'The Ritual' expectations are open, as Rude Awakening takes a new approach in pushing distortion. Packing a slick yet heavy flow, this conveyor belt of a hardcore track comes in at full volume. Controlled chaos, pattern after pattern. 'It's f_cked' packs a nihilistic and distant view about creating music. Data controlled, programmed and formatted into tunes of terror. No fear though, as these manipulations have one target: the dance-floor! A shrine to enter at your own will. Either way, these two acts of sin take followers near the core of industrial hardcore. High in energy, loud in effect. Out of this world atmosphere and crazy percussion, can I get an amen?!
Sometimes you need nothing but a big kick and the distortion pedal down low. The Ritual EP is what Rude Awakening seeks amongst his followers, an open mind and an unhealthy appetite for hardness!


01. The ritual
02. It's f_cked
T3RDM0227 format: digital
Release date: October 15, 2014