Raise Em Up

Raise Em Up


The Third Movement

Throw those hands up high and get cracking. This is the Raise Em Up EP by Hard-Tex, packing the hardcore encounter that will shake the disease out of you.

Is this pandemic bringing you down? Well, then Raise Em Up! Kicks and melody are delivered with fury by Hard-Tex, the muscle to handle these decibels like a boss. Take a look around, this is pimp shit going down. Jump, twist and turn as beats increase in force. Hear Hard-Tex combine that lush 80s sound alongside greasy hardcore distortion. Let’s rip it up! The secret is in the repetition, as each pattern evolves into something more complex the dancefloor rush just keeps on growing. Repetitive? Nothing less.

Kick some virus butt with Raise Em Up and Repetitive, two tunes ready to do the damage that needs to be done. Hard-Tex taking over!


01. Raise Em Up
02. Repetitive
T3RDM0335 Digital
Release date: September 18, 2020