r_AW Skillz

r_AW Skillz

Rude Awakening

r_AW Records

Defining the r in rudeboy, Rude Awakening drops the r_AW Skillz EP. A duplex of tracks jumping barriers between hardcore and the experimental. In short, a must for the raw fanatic.

Rude Awakening combines the relax and some more than nasty kicks with 'r_AW Skillz'. A tune perfectly paced for the dancefloor, while maintaining diversity. Don't call it industrial, don't call it hardcore, this is r_AW! The skills come in force, so be prepared to move when this track shakes up your bones. Rewind the mix selecta! Rude Awakening duplicates kicks for a nice change of pace. Twice as intense, double the fun. Hear these beats roar. r a double-U. A production as dirty as you've come to expect from the r_AW label. This is a massacre for your ears. Certainly 'Van de pot gerukt'. We'll leave the translation up to you.

r_ you ready for a new batch of real raw tunes? Rude Awakening makes no fuss about it, this is the definition of r_AW skillz. Tempo changes, experiments in distortion and laidback sampling create the contrast, the vibe that defines a true hardcore shock. We likey!


01. r_AW Skillz
02. Van de Pot gerukt

T3RDM0267 format: digital
Release date: October 10, 2016