The Third Movement

Engineered to hardcore intensity, D-Passion drops a knockout release by the name of the Resurrection EP. Stand up and rejoice, the man like Rik is on the attack! Featuring a triplet of tracks, these beats, snares and drum rolls deliver!

Leading with funky kicks and D-Passion style melody is 'Resurrection'. The sound is big, the kicks even bigger. Bam! Rolling in at mid-tempo, this loud stomper literally is the freight train of a hardcore track needed to crush walls. Say hello to the inevitable hardcore revival. Resurrection! Simply shattering is 'Evolution', a track to invoke insomnia. Eyes wide open, there's a lot more to discover out there. So get up and grab a taste of these crunchy kicks. Sharp as a blade, D-Passion's tracks never seems to lose energy and this is a classic example of the powerhouse that is. Self-aware and fully functional, this beast of a track is ready to destroy dancefloors. 'The culture' is you. Dedicated beyond the midnight hour, determined to move. Hardcore in the flesh. Always on the look out to clench that unhealthy appetite for destruction. And here is D-Passion delivering the fix! Just be careful with the dosage.

Staying true to his signature sound, D-Passion always manages to pack a surprise or two. Fueling the rebirth, a steady hardcore kick is what lays the foundation of yet another smash EP. This is 'Resurrection', an intense claim to the throne. And these beats are ready to rule!


01. Resurrection
02. Evolution
03. The Culture
T3RDM0244 format: digital
Release date: July 20, 2015