Secundus EP

Secundus EP

The Wishmaster

The Third Movement

Never. Sit. Down. There's your instructions! Now get moving with Secundus by The Wishmaster. The 2nd wish of three granted. What to wish for that second wish? How about truth, real hardcore!

And this is as real as it gets. Loud kick-drums, big melody and some punk vocals to convert the hardcore message. The two tracks on Secundus are 'Never say never' and 'Party your ass off'. Both responsible for tons of damage, and by itself powerful enough to recognize that real molto grande Wishmaster sound. Kick, kick, punch. Danceable from start to finish, 'Never say never' is a great production, packing an awesome atmosphere with great melody. A track all about keeping the faith, looking ahead and simply keeping it real. Never switch, never let it go. Never ever, ever! 'Party your ass off', The Wishmaster sound in effect. A track that packs heat, energy and skull-splitting kick-drums. Hardcore, we likey! Hands up, shout aloud: we're in it for the love. The love for bass-drum destroying dance music.

The Secundus EP is all about separating the freaks from the fakes. The Wishmaster makes his second wish count, as a solid tribute to the true hardcore massive. Now, only one wish remains...


1. Never say never
2. Party your ass off
T3RDM0233 format: digital
Release date: January 30, 2015