The Third Movement

When daylight is non-existent, the Sleepwalkers get out and play. Join Dolphin as he shapes the sound to haunt your dreams and turn your daydreams into darkness.

We all like a little high-tempo music here and there, and with Dolphin you’re in for a hardcore treat. Delivering his exciting mix of technique and melody this guy knows how to control the thin line between dreams and reality. Loud as hell to wake you up, deep and dark as sleep may go.

Stop searching, Sleepwalkers by Dolphin is the trip you’re looking for. Leave your everyday bs behind and escape the grid with this deafening adventure. Just put on the headphones, hang loose and enjoy the ramble!


01. Listen Closer
02. Atomic (Ft. Nonexistent)
03. Falling Of The Grid
04. Sleepwalkers
T3RDM0305 Digital
Release date: December 17, 2018