The Third Movement

Centuries ago in the late Permian period, "Synapsids" were the dominant terrestrial animals who ruled the planet. Deathmachine followed their example and continues the legacy of domination with this mind-blowing
digital EP. With beats per minute ranging between 155 bpm and 210 bpm the smasher "Synapsids" guarantees to be a diverse release with all different sorts of industrial and techno sounds. The dark and mysterious feelings you
get from listening leave no space for "imitations". Deathmachine always focusses on creating something unique and provides the scene with amazing content for many more years to come.


01 Deathmachine - Imitations
02 Deathmachine - Monster Freak
03 Deathmachine - Schema
04 Deathmachine - Synapsids
T3RDM0176D format: Digital release
Release date: June 22, 2011