Hyper Music

Hyper Music


The Third Movement

Some say there is no right or wrong when it comes to music, let's make 'em doubt: Hyper Music! The Detest hardcore-techno EP packed with power.

That edgy hardcore-techno crossover vibe. Sounds from the 90s sampled to new levels. Here For You has it all. Quickly a favorite to vibe and dance to, this Detest tune is feeding nostalgia while keeping it fresh at the same time. The line between hard techno and schranz gets faded quickly, but Hyper Schranz marks a new division. High pace, higher energy. Rolling kicks you just can't stand still too. So move!

Solid beats to move the masses, these kicks were made for high volume. Detest drops his Hyper Music EP amidst a heated debate of what-if's and what-nots. F*ck that, just press play and dance!


01. Here For You
02. Hyper Schranz
T3RDM0356 Digital
Release date: November 5, 2021