No Limbs To Spare

No Limbs To Spare

Spare Limbs

The Third Movement

No fizzy drink can spare you from the onslaught that is Spare Limbs! No Limbs To Spare, an inspiring albeit paranoia driven EP, created by two sick individuals ready for a straight jacket fitting. Combining crazy edits and loosely interpretable sampling, this breakcore slug-fest is a tribute to the madness in your head. Party? Invite those voices to join in! Jump, shake and twitch to the core heavy and get your ill on. This is madness beyond hospitalization. The sugar-rush tag-team that is DJIPE and Nagazaki bring you hardcore without limitations. An inspiring mix of all-over-the-place ideas wrapped nicely into a shiny hardcore package. Rough tunes that are ready to rumble. Break those decks, get that pit rumbling. This one’s for the fistpumpers claiming their spot first row and center.


01) No Limbs To Spare (Original Mix)
02) Call Me Red (Original Mix)
Release date: June 24, 2022