Saving Data

Saving Data


The Third Movement

"From solid state to a dynamic puddle of kicks, the Saving Data EP by Dataklysm is a dirty bomb. A corrupted beat on a 4/4 timer, about to explode.

Give A Fuck, My Beat, The Bomb and Wannabe Me converge into a force to recognize. Rough, rugged and raw by all means, Dataklysm wildly stacks his drums. Like a tower of doom on the verge of collapse, the threat is imminent. As each pattern twists and pulls, subtle is not the word you’re looking for. Vocal heavy, these Dataklysm tunes urge to shout along. Heck, why not? It’s not like anyone is going to hear you amidst the noise. Save that!

Making way for the rhythm that is industrial hardcore, Dataklysm leaves no bit unturned with the Saving Data EP. The result is big, bigger, biggest. A kind of purge all freaks can enjoy."


01. Give A F*ck
02. My Beat
03. The Bomb
04. Wannabe Me
T3RDM0301 Digital
Release date: July 30, 2018