The Jab

The Jab


The Third Movement

Step up mfs! This is The Jab, a needle-fronted punch of Promo sound aimed at all the rights and wrongs in news today.

Seconds left. A choice with no real right or wrong. And at the same time a pick that defines your future. So, what do you do? The Jab and Betrayal mix up your vaccine pamphlets into a rhythmic tool of hardcore aggresion. True promo scorchers, aimed to kick up some dust at the abandoned dancefloors we’re about to retake. Jump up! Celebrate. Let’s get back to the norm. Back to rave! So grab your girl, grasp your boy. Gather all your friends and get this madness on.

One tune loaded with a healthy dose of distortion, the other mid-tempo with that solid Promo sound kicking the bass wall to wall. The Jab is a return to form for Promo and an outline on good things to come. All eyes on this


1) The Jab
2) The Betrayal
Release date: March 4, 2022