The Pro E.P.

The Pro E.P.

Promo & The DJ Producer

The Third Movement

What can be the result of decades of experience teaming up and kicking it live in the studio? In the form of Promo & The DJ Producer, this sure must be a 'Mark of high renown'! As the title of the release claims, 'The Pro E.P.' brings together both unique styles in a professional manner. Kicks, break-beats, edits and vocal samples create a strong track with an impressive vibe. Delivered in two versions (original and dj cunthair edit), 'Mark of high renown' is the result of reputation and prestige taken through the blender with dirty break-beaten hardcore antics. Already featured in DJ-sets of both artists, the tracks have been tested thoroughly and approved with high regard. Completing the production are two solo tracks by both composers, The DJ Producer's 'What I'm talking about' and Promo with his 'Unfuckwithable' musical statement. Shoulder to shoulder serious stuff!


A1. The DJ Producer & Promo - Mark of high renown
A2. The DJ Producer & Promo - Mark of high renown (dj cunthair edit)
B1. The DJ Producer - What I'm talking about
B2. Promo - Unfuckwithable
T3RDM0129 format: 12 inch
Release date: October 12, 2007