This World

This World

Ophidian & Penta

The Third Movement

Let’s torch this place! Destroy This World with the symbiosis that is Ophidian & Penta.

If there ever was a clean cut example of skill and emotion turned into hardcore power this tag team would top the list. Ophidian & Penta are raising the bar with their ode to devastation. Look at it. Look at This World. With its false sense of grandeur. Let’s face it: this world deserves to die! Hear the piercing lead and frantic percussion take over. This World is a good last look back before damnation takes place.

Run it down and celebrate amongst its ashes. This World is done. Ophidian & Penta, show us the path to redemption. And leave your dreams at the door.


01. This World
T3RDM0331 Digital
Release date: May 22, 2020