The Form Of Light

The Form Of Light

Mindwalker & Broken Code

The Third Movement

Experience the diversity of a hardcore trip. From kick to snare The Form Of Light, the Mindwalker & Broken Code EP is a destination worth wandering. Refract the light into something out of this world and let the unknown take over.

Steady as a rock, Broken Code and Mindwalker confront their inner demon. An ill-fated doom awaits, drawn in darkness. Because it’s at that very moment, when The Form Of Light loses its shape that uncertainty becomes the norm. The new reality. Mindwalker & Broken Code on a quest to command and conquer. Packing ravaging kicks, vocals topped with halls of echo and paranoia all-over. Equal to a mood representing illegal raves rocking abandoned complexes around town. Let’s see where this ends!

The Form Of Light, Phobophobia and Limitations of Consciousness combine into a rock solid EP worthy of experiencing out loud. These Mindwalker & Broken Code tracks deserve nothing less. So give the volume slider a jab and get cracking!


01. The Form Of Light
02. Phobophobia
03. Limitations Of Consciousness
Release date: August 21, 2020