The Negativist

The Negativist


The Third Movement

When all hope is gone, we put our faith in The Negativist. Embrionyc’s oracle of doom. Let’s join the downfall and embrace negativity. And what bitter sweet negativity it is! Through the slow and dirty of Everyone Falls to the mind bending hardcore funk that is The Negativist, this release is a trip on its own. Hear Embrionyc’s percussion slam its way through walls of conformity. Hitting one holy chapel at a time. Embrionyc’s skills are taking it to a whole new level and The Negativist is proof. Proof that a storm of critique can be focussed inside, unleashing one monster of an EP! Jump in, and get caught off guard.


1) The Negativist
2) Everyone Falls
T3RDM0353 Digital
Release date: September 10, 2021