The Wafelijzer

The Wafelijzer


The Third Movement

The Wafelijzer by Wavolizer, a hardcore treat! Your life just wouldn’t be complete without it.

Better watch out when this Dane starts going Dutch. The Wafelijzer is a great danceable hardcore kick fest. Funky, loud and non-stop. Grab your kitchen utensils and starts drumming to the beat. Anything goes! Yes, even that big ‘ol waffle iron. Now give me a kick drum!

From wavel to the vaffel, to the waffle. Wavolizer opens up a heavy can of batter to deliver you another classic recipe: The Wafelijzer. Sweet and burnt to a crisp!


01. The Wafelijzer
T3RDM0320 DIgital
Release date: October 14, 2019